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About security thinking

This is a paradox, but security is both one of the most important things everyone needs and one of the worst implementations among other aspects every company has. It requires a serious technical background, understanding of the processes, company needs, and up-to-date knowledge of security trends, tools and threats. 

At Alpacked we have gathered all of this and proved our expertise in various certifications - SOC2, ISO, FedRAMP, and others. 

Security benefits

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    Stand against brute force attacks, DDoS, code injections, and other attacks
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    Encrypt data and be safe of mitm attacks
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Access management

    Use granular rules to manage all types of access for personnel, services and third-party integrations
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    Explicitly define all allowed incoming and outgoing connections. Prevent a leak of data to unknown servers
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    Define and maintain the processes for access requests, on boarding, incidents, and other events
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    Start working on security from day one and cut the cost by up to 3 times Intellectual property

Our security expertise

We provide end-to-end solutions of any complexity.

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AWS security 

    - IAM - least privilege paradigm up to the last 

    - KMS - full at-rest and in-transit encryption, including cross-account kms, limited key access granting and other features 

    - SecurityHub, Access advisor

    - SSM Compliance, Patch Manager - Automated continuous patching, as well as reporting and statistics of the process

    - Secrets manager - Integration with databases and other services to guarantee the password/key rotation and secret encryption at-rest

    - WAF - OWASP TOP 10, DDoS, Dictionary attacks prevention

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Docker security 

    - Image signing - Use Notary to sign and verify every image you use

    - Rootless mode - Do not allow docker daemon to gain root access

    - Apparmor/SELinux - Use native RedHat and Debian security features to properly configure docker daemon

    - Image optimization - Follow the security best practices - non-root users, multistage builds, read-only binary files

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Kubernetes security

    - Security context - leverage native K8S functionality to prevent any interference with docker containers - read-only filesystems, privilege escalation, UID/GID lock

    - Service Mesh - use Istio, Linkerd, AppMesh and other service mesh providers for automatic encryption in-transit, control over the network connections, JWT authorization, and other features

    - Network Policy - Take control over the network to a greater extent. Control interconnections between pods and namespaces, direction of connection and protocol

    - OPA - Use Open Policy Agent to control the allowed configuration of any resource (regardless of either it is a CRD or a native resource). Enforce security policies of your companies

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    - ELK, Prometheus+Grafana - Open-source tools for monitoring, alerting, and reporting of security events 

    - Authentication events logging - reporting and alerting for any successful and unsuccessful authentication events 

    - Integrity monitoring - reporting and alerting for any modification of a filesystem or cloud configuration

Security solutions

We select top-notch tools to build reliable applications


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