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What is DevOps as a Service (DaaS)?

DevOps-as-a-Service (DaaS) lets you take advantage of delegating all related tasks, management and system maintenance to the professional DevOps services company and its engineers, thus, opening the opportunity for developers to focus on the product improvements and delivering new features.

DaaS covers a wide range of the best DevOps practices applied right to your project: starting from DevOps assessment and tooling up to full automation and streamlined delivery and deployment.

Alpacked provides end-to-end DevOps solutions to take care of your digital transformation and efficient delivery. Outsource your DevOps today!

DevOps benefits

Why successful companies adopt DevOps? The answer is obvious.

Increased business agility thumbnail

Increased business agility

    After having the DevOps culture adopted, companies notice more active interaction process among all departments.
Faster innovation adoption thumbnail

Faster innovation adoption

    Innovations are associated with benefits, not with fear and need. Cutting-edge technologies are now business itself.
Faster deployment cycle thumbnail

Faster deployment cycle

    Managers also admit reduced deployment cycles by up to 70%!
Reduced downtime and failures thumbnail

Reduced downtime and failures

    Zero-downtime deployments and incidents management are the key principles of DevOps philosophy.
Increase in product quality thumbnail

Increase in product quality

    Continuous testing and CI/CD pipelines eliminate the probability of critical bugs emerging in production.
Security thumbnail


    DevOps practices guarantee a painless process of continuous security updates, logging and infrastructure changes monitoring via IaC approach.
Swift bug fix thumbnail

Swift bug fix

    Thanks to optimized communication between the teams and professionally set up alerting and monitoring, you can make things up faster.
Stable environment thumbnail

Stable environment

    Stability is an essential part of your business process. DevOps as a service ensures stable and always-available application.

Our DevOps services

We provide end-to-end solutions of any complexity. With our DevOps as a Service offering you get one-click deployment, improved product quality, and reduced maintenance cost.

DevOps in cloud thumbnail

DevOps in cloud

    • Cloud architecture design
    • Cloud readiness assessment
    • Cloud migration services
    • Managed cloud services
    • Cloud consulting services
Serverless thumbnail


    • Serverless architecture
    • Serverless maintanance
    • Serverless consulting
Microservices thumbnail


    • Microservices architecture design
    • Microservices consulting
DevOps as a Service thumbnail

DevOps as a Service

    • DevOps assessment & audit
    • DevOps implementation from scratch - roadmapping and strategy design
    • DevOps consulting
    • Release management
Infrastructure as code thumbnail

Infrastructure as code

    • Infrastructure automation
    • Infrastructure as code implementation in a cloud
    • Infrastructure as code implementation on-prem
CI/CD thumbnail


    • Continuous integration (CI) implementation
    • Continuous delivery (CD) implementation
    • CI/CD consulting
Container orchestration thumbnail

Container orchestration

    • Container orchestration
    • Container management services
    • Security evaluation and hardening
    • Kubernetes managed services
Log management and monitoring thumbnail

Log management and monitoring

    • Log management
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Alerting

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Any task completed by our DevOps engineer will pass internal quality control before delivery. That's the rule we never break!

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Our DevOps managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us on the weekends and at night. Because we are time zone and culturally aligned.


ALPACKED - DevOps as a Service company that has more than 10 years of IT experience. Certified in many technologies & methodologies.

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Stack of technologies

We go beyond and surpass in the most popular DevOps tools and technologies.

Cloud computingAWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, GCP (Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean
Infrastructure automation & managementAnsible, Pulumi, Terraform, Puppet, CHEF, CloudFormation
OrchestrationKubernetes, Docker Swarm, Apache Mesos, AWS ECS, Rancher
ContainerizationDocker, CoreOS, rkt.
CI/CDJenkins, ArgoCD, TravisCI, CircleCI, TeamCity, Spinnaker, GitLab CI,, GoCD
Log management, monitoring, and alertingAWS CloudWatch, ELK Stack (Elastic Stack), New Relic, Papertrail, Sentry, Nagios, Datadog, Prometheus, Sysdig, Stackdriver
Team collaborationJira, Confluence, Slack, FishEye
Source controlArtifactory, Git, Bitbucket
Programming languagesPython, Go, Groovy, Java, Node.js

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service iconKubernetes Consulting

We are Kubernetes evangelists

This means we can offer you DevOps solutions powered by AWS best practices. Our team of cloud engineers & technical consultants are AWS certified and constantly improve their skills on expert-level workshops and courses.

Alpacked partnership with Amazon allows deliver advanced DevOps as a Service (+AWS) helping our clients to design, architect, migrate and build new applications. Above this, we know how to use AWS free tiers for the maximum benefit for our clients and let them see what they can achieve at minimal cost.

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Just fill the form below and we will contaсt you via email to arrange a free call to discuss your project and estimates.