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About CI/CD thinking

Continuous integration and deployment are a basic concept of DevOps best practices. Organizations that leverage an agile methodology benefit from breaking the silos between management, dev, ops, and QA teams.

CI/CD transforms the collective effort into the automated process of an application build, full test coverage and quick zero-downtime deployment.

Business benefits of CI/CD

When companies have an agile organizational approach and robust DevOps culture, they can meet their business objectives faster and speed up the delivery of new features.

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    Once being configured, CI guarantees a certain quality of your application requiring no more efforts rather than adding new features.
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Enhanced delivery

    CD guarantees that the delivery process is automated, staging environments match production, and there's always an option to rollback not just to the previous state but to any state that has ever existed!
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Closer team communication

    CI/CD requires development, operational, management and QA teams to collaborate on technologies, practices, and priorities. No more blaming culture and shifting guilt from one to another side.
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Speed & Productivity

    With continuous deployment, customers get faster access to new features and bug fixes, and developers get more immediate feedback about the changes they have made.
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Decrease in MTTR

    Mean time to resolution (MTTR) is shorter thanks to CI/CD practices. The reason for this is deployment of smaller code batches, allowing swiftly isolate the fault.
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Greater testability

    Since the code is deployed in small batches, all changes are run through automated tests, ensuring less bug rate!

Our CI/CD expertise

We provide end-to-end solutions of any complexity.

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CI/CD design from scratch

    • Tooling definition and selection
    • CI/CD strategy design and roadmapping
    • End-to-end implementation
    • Maintenance and optimization
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CI/CD implementation service

    • Current infrastructure evaluation, elimination of bottlenecks
    • Tech stack selection
    • CI/CD implementation
    • Maintenance and optimization
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CI/CD Consulting

    • CI/CD pipelines audit
    • Consulting and control of the execution

CI/CD solutions

We select among others the best solution to meet your business goals


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