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What is DevSecOps?

Before moving on to the best tools, we will understand what DevSecOps is. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular and a multitude of companies use it in the software development process. It is all about integrating security into the entire software development process. Besides, DevSecOps is highly important in CI/CD advanced automation practices.

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Everything is pretty simple here, especially if you have a good understanding of DevOps. The only difference is that DevSecOps, in addition to automation, focuses on security mindset within the work processes. It’s not only about implementing the security checks at the end of pipelines but also about dev teams and operations implementing security in day-to-day work. Briefly speaking, DevSecOps is the integration of security concerns into the DevOps methodology.

Next, we'll take a look at some of the best DevSecOps tools in 2021.


The first tool we will start with is the well-known GitLab. In one application, you are offered a ready-made set of CI/CD tools. As you might have guessed, GitLab is a repository management platform. In addition to tracking bugs, you can analyze your code, test it, and deploy it. GitLab helps teams maintain a continuous development and deployment process for testing. The tool is necessary for developers to monitor quality, whilst also controlling the development process.

GitLab for DevSecOps was announced not so long ago (only in 2019), but has already won the hearts of users around the world. DevSecOps brings security, developers, and operations specialists together.


GitLab provides the following security features:

  • Container scanning
  • Static Application Security Testing
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing Tool
  • Dependency Scan
  • Security Dashboards
  • Automatic recovery

GitLab's approach is that users can independently assess risks based on analysis data. This method is much more flexible than the automatic locking of containers with various security features. When a problem occurs, users can either reject it or confirm it by creating a solution. By using GitLab, your team can successfully create applications and be confident in the safety of development throughout the entire cycle.


SonarQube is an open-source platform built to help developers with automation processes. Using SonarQube, teams can efficiently perform automated code checks. Thus, the tool helps to find vulnerabilities and errors in the project code. The advantage of SonarQube is that it integrates with the workflows of your team, allowing for continuous code review. The tool helps you catch any errors early and avoids compromising your applications. The tool is readily available, as it supports about 30 programming languages. Using various ready-made tools, the results are summarized on a single dashboard, which is very convenient for users. Thus, the team can see the trend of changes in software quality during the development process.

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Why do users choose SonarQube?

  • History of metrics and graphs of changes in metrics over time
  • Support for a large number of major programming languages
  • Reports on compliance with code standards, the possibility of errors, duplication, etc.
  • Integrates with popular IDEs (Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ)
  • Ability to extend functionality using plugins
  • Integrates with JIRA

Overall, SonarQube allows teams to significantly improve code quality whilst working on continuous analysis. With SonarQube, companies can develop high-quality software solutions that meet all coding standards.


Codacy is a robust tool for automating code reviews. It allows teams to control the quality of the code on each commit. Likewise, it provides information on faults, making the code improvement process faster and more efficient. With Codacy, development teams can spot bugs early and fix them in real time. Additionally, developers can focus on the software they are developing, while Codacy handles the quality control tasks. Furthermore, by using Codacy, it is very easy to fix problems that arise and it does not require much time. It is especially important to note that the tool automatically detects faults and accurately indicates their location, along with a possible cause.


Codacy functionality:

  • Assists by tracking code duplicates and code complexity
  • Controls style breaking
  • Eliminates security issues
  • Supports about 20 popular programming languages

Codacy is a great tool that has definitely earned its place in the top tiers. It saves developers time by automating code review. Moreover, it aims to improve the quality of the developed software. is another solution that we want to draw your attention to. The tool is based on cloud technologies Grafana and ELK. It allows developers to easily track and fix potential software security issues. The solution consists of three products: Cloud SIEM, Infrastructure Monitoring and Log Management. has been specifically designed for accurate monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting. advantages:

  • Log analysis and management
  • Security analytics
  • Embedded safety reports
  • Helps meet requirements and specifications
  • Easy to use and accessible user interface
  • Ability to submit a large amount of documentation and training materials is a solution-based software designed to ensure the highest quality of development. Subsequently, development teams can eliminate threats of any complexity. saves time whilst not sacrificing speed and flexibility.


Acunetix is ​​a US company founded in 2004 and is a Microsoft Certified Partner. One of the most important projects of the company is the Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner. This solution can be deployed both on the cloud and on the client-side. With Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner, you can effectively detect vulnerabilities in your projects and quickly resolve them. With the help of this tool, all faults will be found at the very early stages of development. The company provides a wide range of tools for both automated and manual testing. The goal of Acunetix is ​​to help other companies secure their web services and to further assist developers by diagnosing problems in their code. Acunetix is ​​a trusted solution with a focus on web security. Consequently, you can quickly scan for errors and at the same time receive a minimum number of bosom positives.


Pros of Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner:

  • Easy to use tool
  • Integration of the ‘scan result’ with other instruments
  • High-tech capabilities for vulnerability management
  • One dashboard for viewing
  • Builds a risk rating as a result of the scanning process

With Acunetix, your team can efficiently identify bugs/non-conformities and quickly fix them. With this solution, you maintain the productivity and flexibility of a secure, quality software development process.

Contrast Security

Contrast Security is a company founded in 2014 and has already become a leading provider of security solutions. The goal of Contrast Security products is to protect against cyber attacks and vulnerabilities, whilst developing high-quality software solutions. Contrast solutions are tools for deep software protection. They ensure that your applications are always protected with anti-leakage sensors and comprehensive protection for the entire system. As a result, your company will not require the services of third-party security experts. Now, let’s talk a little about how the in-built application protection system works. Contrast Assess is aimed at warning the development team about the occurrence of vulnerabilities in the application. Contrast Protect detects unknown threats in the production environment and reports to the SIEM console.


Why do users choose Contrast Security solutions?

  • Technology for creating self-defending software
  • Runs in the background
  • Automated risk management
  • Ease of use
  • High work efficiency

The company recently introduced another high-tech solution - Contrast OSS. This tool helps you keep your open-source projects secure. We highly recommend you to look at Contrast Security solutions more precisely, since even IBM considers it a revolutionary tool


Twistlock service from Palo Alto Networks is an Israeli security solutions company, founded in 2015. With this tool, teams can protect containers and container environments throughout the cycle. Since container development is very relevant now, it falls into the risk group. Many companies are moving to containers because of their many advantages: flexibility, scalability, and modularity. However, due to the advantages, we overlook the security of such a process. Twistlock is a comprehensive cloud-based security platform that covers all hosts and containers on a single platform.

twistock service

Twistlock Benefits:

  • Protects containerized environments at all levels
  • Integrates with CI/CD
  • Prevents vulnerabilities throughout the entire life cycle of containers

Twistlock uses best practices to secure containerized application development. Ultimately, with this pipeline security tool, you can ensure that your apps will meet standards.

Final thoughts

Security mindset in DevOps is an important aspect that requires the very best tools and innovative technologies. With the development of containerization technologies, safety is becoming increasingly important. In order to ensure safety at all stages of software development and operation, use one of the tools presented in this article. We have selected the best solutions for 2021, which can definitely help you to ensure the safety of your software development.

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