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DevOps Engineers

Required skils:

  • Linux administration experience
  • Understanding of the TCP/IP stack and most common protocols
  • One or more programming languages in addition to bash ( nodejs, go, python, etc .. )
  • Docker knowledge and some of the orchestrators
  • Experience with public cloud(s) (AWS/GCP)
  • IaC tools ( Ansible / Terraform / Cloudformation / Chef )
  • Upper-intermediate English ( you can read, write, listen and have at least basic conversations in English)

Would be a plus:

  • Serverless architectures
  • Kubernetes experience
  • Development experience

What do we offer:

  • The learning is not just on the job ( we provide you with all needed resources )
  • Interesting tasks with great projects and great team who will help you to adapt to our culture and share the knowledge
  • Career growth (transparent wage system: the more you learn to do and responsibility you take, the higher compensation is)

We believe in automation! Let's do it once properly and you can focus on using your skills and experience to work and create.

By DevOps lots of people understand lots of different things, so we work with lots of technologies that can be included in DevOps ( CICD tools, Clouds, Docker and orchestration, Serverless, IaC, Logs and monitoring ) Because we have many different projects we try to give people opportunity to work on different projects, or switch between them. We believe this improves chances to grow as professionals and understand the whole picture much better.

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