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Certified specialists provide professional Kubernetes deployment, management and consulting services for containerized workloads.


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Enhance and scale your k8s infrastructure

From experience, we discovered that businesses with solid IT background utilize containerized environments to improve development productivity, make migration to the cloud smooth and speed up the releases. But as a result, they don't utilize Kubernetes advantages at its full capacity and miss opportunities to work at scale and cost-efficiently.

That's why we provide Kubernetes managed service to avoid any issues related to k8s clusters to run your operations 24/7 with zero-downtimes!

Alpacked's certified Kubernetes administrators are all set to help you to deploy, maintain, and support infrastructure and containerized workloads.

Kubernetes key features

Containers bundle and run your applications in a production environment. The main task of K8S service is to manage the containers and ensure zero-downtime for your prod. Agree, it would be great if in case when container goes down, another container starts operating instantly and, what's more important, automatically - with no manual interference.

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Load balancing

    In case of an unexpected increase in traffic, K8S balances the load and distributes the network traffic to keep containers stable.
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    Ability to create your own custom resources and operators and add any logic you want to the cluster.
Auto-rollouts and rollbacks thumbnail

Auto-rollouts and rollbacks

    Automated containers deployment and removal.
Automatic resource management thumbnail

Automatic resource management

    Specify in advance how much CPU and RAM each container needs. K8S will make better decision to manage the predefined resources for containers.
Quick regeneration thumbnail

Quick regeneration

    Kubernetes restarts failed containers or replaces them with new ones.
Secret and configuration management thumbnail

Secret and configuration management

    K8S lets you store and manage sensitive information, such as passwords, OAuth tokens, and SSH keys.

Our Kubernetes expertise

Scale and enhance your k8s infrastructure. Seamlessly. Cost-efficiently.

Cloud services thumbnail

Cloud services

    • Cloud architecture design
    • Cloud readiness assessment
    • Cloud migration services
    • Managed cloud services
    • Cloud consulting services
Serverless thumbnail


    • Serverless architecture
    • Serverless maintanance
    • Serverless consulting
Microservices thumbnail


    • Microservices architecture
    • Microservices consulting

DevOps as a Service thumbnail

DevOps as a Service

    • DevOps assessment & audit
    • DevOps implementation from scratch - roadmapping and strategy design
    • DevOps consulting
    • Release management
Infrastructure as code thumbnail

Infrastructure as code

    • Infrastructure automation
    • Infrastructure as code implementation in a cloud
    • Infrastructure as code implementation on-prem
CI/CD thumbnail


    • Continuous integration (CI) implementation
    • Continuous delivery (CD) implementation
    • CI/CD consulting

Container orchestration thumbnail

Container orchestration

    • Container orchestration
    • Container management services
    • Security evaluation and hardening
    • Kubernetes managed services

Log management and monitoring thumbnail

Log management and monitoring

    • Log management
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Alerting

Our Certifications

Our DevOps engineers are certified Kubernetes administrators.


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Proven expertise

Proven expertise and dozens of successfully completed projects on cloud migration (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, DigitalOcean).

Support 24/7

Our DevOps managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us on the weekends and at night. Because we are time zone and culturally aligned.


ALPACKED - DevOps agency that has more than 10 years of IT experience and high satisfaction rate among clients. Just check what our clients say about us!

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Kubernetes FAQ

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More about Kubernetes expertise

Alpacked provides K8S management services for any business - from startup to enterprise. Our team includes certified Kubernetes administrators with strong skills in spanning cloud platforms such as GCP, AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean.
Our Kubernetes cluster management service is focused on speed and high availability operations 24/7 with deployments, scaling. We work with workloads both on-premise or in the cloud.

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Just fill the form below and we will contaсt you via email to arrange a free call to discuss your project and estimates.