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About our managed cloud solutions

Transforms the way you consume and pay for IT resources. With ALPACKED's outsourced cloud management you get consolidated, stable and resilient cloud environment.

We help organizations to сoncentrate on business development instead of constantly manage and resolve the cloud and IT related issues.

Why companies need a managed cloud service provider?

We provide a team of certified cloud experts that will help you manage all your cloud services, increase ROI of cloud computing utilization, cut costs and scale resources.

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24/7/365 support and cloud management

    Ongoing cloud management of your infrastructure. In case of downtime, we will be here to resolve the issue. Another 99% of time we will work on cloud performance optimization.
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    Availability monitoring helps to ensure optimal performance, continuity and efficiency in all environments. Be sure your service is up!
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Infrastructure automation

    Companies want to keep pace with the global digital transformation and automate the production process. The more automated processes you have, the less "human hours" you consume.
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    We keep the eye opened on new technologies and are always ready to help you maintain your infrastructure in the most modern way.

Our services

Get tangible results with Alpacked cloud services!

Cloud architecture design thumbnail

Cloud architecture design

    • Application architecture
    • Network design
    • Initial system sizing and storage design
    • Security design
    • Scaling
    • Monitoring and alerting
    • Cloud architecture consulting
Cloud migration thumbnail

Cloud migration

    • Cloud readiness assessment
    • Cloud migration strategy
    • Build & deploy
    • Support
Managed cloud & DraaS thumbnail

Managed cloud & DraaS

    • Cloud support 24/7/365
    • Disaster recovery as a service
Cloud consulting thumbnail

Cloud consulting

    • Cloud consulting services
    • AWS Consulting
    • GCP consulting
    • Azure consulting

Сloud solutions

We provide advanced cloud support services involving the following public clouds besides hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions.


Our certifications

Our cloud engineers gained tangible achievements!


TOP reasons to choose ALPACKED as your managed cloud service provider

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Proven expertise

Our cloud architects have a solid experience of designing and maintaining a dloue architectures for systems with any workload.

Support 24/7

Providing managed cloud services, we support our clients 24/7/365. It means that we keep our clients updated all the time, and, in case of a system failure, we immediately recover it - whether it's a late night or a weekend.


ALPACKED - DevOps agency that has more than 10 years of IT experience and high satisfaction rate among clients. Just check what our clients say about us!

Great rates

We have special prices for our loyal customers and startups.

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About managed cloud services

Alpacked provides comprehensive DevOps services and cloud solutions for organization of any size. Being a professional managed cloud service provider, we focus on maintenance of the cloud infrastructure and its ongoing optimization. A client can decide at which level he or she wants to outsourced cloud management:

  • at the infrastructural level
  • at the applicational level
  • at the tooling level
  • all levels above (all-level managed cloud services)

For example, managed cloud provider performs such kind of services:

  1. Architecture design consulting & professional guidance
  2. Outsourcing of system operations
  3. Implementation of log management, monitoring, alerting, and notification tools
  4. Security hardening
  5. Disaster recovery as a service
  6. Cloud performance optimization
  7. Cloud-native applications design
  8. Serverless implementation
  9. Microservices architecture design

There are million of examples - in a few words, managed cloud service includes any work involving cloud computing.

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Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.

Managed cloud services FAQ

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