Log Management and Monitoring

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About Log Management and Monitoring

Break-in, Downtime, Performance and Cost-efficiency issues - All these problems can be prevented by the proper implementation of Monitoring and Log Management systems.
Why companies need Monitoring?
Monitoring has always been a vital part of any software infrastructure. Learn why
Monitoring system notifies you of any undesirable event. No more unnoticed security breaches, downtimes or resource depletion
Proper Auto-scaling and Load balancing isn't possible without monitoring. Monitoring systems provide information about load and accessibility and helps to take automated decisions about your infrastructure
Monitoring is a key part of performance and cost-efficiency analysis. It allows to predict future loads and get prepared to them beforehand by scaling the infrastructure
RAM, HDD and CPU usage, application stack traces and timing, number of users per second and other metrics including completely custom ones can be gathered, stored and presented by the monitoring system

Steps towards Monitoring implementation

Despite every business case is unique, we identify 4 key stages. Here is a short synopsis:
Discover all Monitoring providers and select the best option that fits you. There's a huge variety of different solutions to choose from, that aim to cover any cases
Install selected Monitoring tool, design it to be resilient, robust and highly-available. Monitoring tool that needs another monitoring tool dishonors its name
Default configuration
Configure your application and infrastructure to work with your new monitoring. Use default configuration to make it work, and start analyzing
Custom metrics
Develop custom metrics to monitor your specific needs, like a number of concurrent users in the process of checkout
Application monitoring
Infrastructure monitoring
Containers monitoring
Cloud monitoring

Benefits of Log Management

Security and Intrusion detection
Parsing and analysis
Security compliance (SOC 2, HIPAA)
We select among others the best solution to meet your business goals

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