Costs, Teams, & Philosophy

In our free eBook, you will learn best practices and roadmaps to implement DevOps into your processes. Also, you’ll find price estimates and comparisons of having an in-house team vs DaaS model, uncover key DevOps benefits, industry trends, and market insights.

Why else should i check out this guide?

This eBook will be of most value to enterprise-level businesses who need a more agile approach but struggle to implement DevOps into the current IT environment effectively. Whether you have already started your DevOps journey or are looking for guidance on a prospective update, the eBook will cover all key questions on this topic.

Why else should i check out this guide?

In just a 10-minute read, you will gain a complete understanding of the DevOps implementation process and best practices for its successful long-term use.

Why else should i check out this guide?

99% of IT experts believe DevOps has benefited their firm by enhancing product quality, speed to market, and team performance.

The growth of digital enterprises in recent years has compelled players across sectors to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and agility. DevOps ticks all the boxes – and we explain how.

As an added bonus, you’ll get a case study on implementing DevOps from scratch to its full integration into the company’s ERP.

Reap the full benefits of DevOps continuous delivery & integration


Explore your opportunities and increase your business and IT potential through DevOps implementation.

  • Key insights and trends around DevOps
  • What exactly DevOps implementation is and how to approach it successfully
  • How DevOps-as-a-Service stacks up against in-house in terms of costs & time-to-market.
  • What your DaaS team should be able to do in 2023
  • Implementing DevOps from scratch: a case study