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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Build. Modernize. Scale. Take your business to the next level with cloud solutions powered by Google. Now you can improve your application lifecycle with numerous integrated services that work both on public clouds and on-prem, run the workloads on a secure and efficient cloud environment.

Alpacked's GCP solution architects are always at your disposal for Google cloud consulting to help you tap into your unique cloud journey. We plan, implement, manage your infrastructure with Google cloud services.

Google cloud key features

GCP web services offer unique perks, distinguising google cloud solutions for businesses among competitors:
12-month free tier
$300 free credit to get started. You can also quit all the services if not required or modify your current plan.
GCP allows you to create k8s clusters with one click
Sustained discount
Greater discount for longer usage
Cloud shell

Web Browser Access to the shell environment with all pre-installed and authenticated services and tools needed for GCP
Take a full advantage of using GCP tools with Alpacked's google cloud managed services
google cloud app engine
Storage and databases
google cloud app engine
google cloud app engine
Identity and Security

google cloud app engine
Management Tools
google cloud app engine
google cloud app engine

GCP consulting and solutions for businesses

Delivering a team of professional Google cloud architects for your business.
Cloud consulting
Cloud services
Managed services
  • Google cloud consulting
  • Google Cloud migration strategy
  • Google cloud architecture design and re-design
  • Cost optimization and managed google cloud services
  • GCP kubernetes deployment
  • GCP DevOps related services
  • Managed GCP
GCP related services

How can your business benefit from Google cloud managed services with Alpacked?

Modern and prouctive infrastructure
Get the most ouf ot GCP and its services. Alpacked dedicated team of cloud engineers is here to optimize your workflow.
24/7 monitoring and technical support
Be sure we are always at your disposal in case of any failure or urgent task.
Cost-efficiency and hosting bills decrease
Create efficient cloud environment and pay less. Save on your monthly bills up to 30%!

Why choose Alpacked

Three main benefits distinguishing us among others
Proven expertise
Proven expertise and dozens of successfully completed projects with docker containers.
Quality control
Any task passes automated inner quality control to ensure you top-notch performance within deadline.
Great rates
We have good prices for our loyal clients and special rates for startups.
Let's discuss your project
Meet our cloud architect & GCP consultants, learn more about our expertise in your field, discuss with us your request and problems to be solved.

More about our Google cloud expertise

Most businesses with solid IT background do really understand the value of cloud infrastructure: spend less, manage easier, scale and make data-driven decisions. Google cloud platform (GCP) is one of TOP-3 cloud provider leaders along with Azure and AWS.

Google offers a great range of IT solutions within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to make your infrastructure and business as a whole more cloud native. With ALPACKED's cloud architects team you finally can focus on writing and updating code, not managing infrastructure.

With our google cloud consulting service you will find the solutions that helps modernize IT infrastructure, unlock the value and take the most out of cloud platform. Afterwards, you are welcomed to meet our experts and learn more about our team outsourcing and support opportunities - no matter whether you need only one cloud engineer or the whole team, whether you are already in the cloud or considering migration. We help with assessment, implementation, optimization, management.

Alpacked's zone of services within GCP includes:


We assess and plan your cloud journey, i.e. professional advisory on architecture, stack of technologies, strategy and tactics plan tuned to your business:

  • Timeline development and estimates assessment
  • Testing proof of concepts
  • Roadmapping and tactics plan
  • Infrastructure health and cloud readiness assessment
  • Alignment of business goals and outcomes


Our implementation process includes:

Migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP): VM, cloud-cloud, multi-cloud migration:

  • proof of concept
  • testing and sampling
  • rollback plans
  • data, server, services, applications transitions to the new cloud platform and infrastructure
Architecture design and/or re-design
Provisioning of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) services and application development
Kubernetes container orchestration
Serverless deployment and development
Installation and configuration of cloud monitoring
CI/CD pipeline build
  • CI (stands for Continuous Integration) - create fast feedback on code changes
  • CD (stands for Continuous Deployment)- end-to-end automation of the code testing and deployment


We want to ensure you get the most out of GCP, that's why we provide managed cloud services and continuously monitor and control cost and quality of the performance delivery, availability, efficiency and security. Here the following services are included:

  • Optimization of cloud performance
  • Alerting setup and monitoring of the critical events
  • Advanced automation
  • Non-stop improvements and urgent task completion
  • Cost optimization and reduction
  • Workload improvement
  • Back-ups and disaster recovery

Alpacked solutions for Google Cloud Platform are always tailor-made, integrate the most innovating and groundbreaking technologies and apply best practices based on previous experience and success cases.

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