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Who we are

Doers. Innovators. DevOps adepts.
We are a DevOps company providing a wide array of offerings from consulting and outstaffing to managed services to help companies and organizations of any size transform the way they consume their IT capabilities.

Thus, we are focused on the legacy modernization and full automation to let our partners focus on their product and business, rather than on its maintenance.
In Alpacked we strongly believe that high quality and deep experience allow delivering greater results and faster return of investments in IT. This makes business outcomes tangible and measurable. To make it possible - we established a team of top-notch DevOps experts with solid experience not only in cutting edge technologies, but in building teams and implementing DevOps practices from scratch.

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Our missions

Our mission statements define our essence and focus. That's what drive us.
Be a first-class company providing comprehensive IT solutions for clients from all industries around the world.
Build a solid team composing of unique brilliant minds and guide them through their personal and professional development.

Why Alpacked?

Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Deep expertise spanning different industries
Our engineers have extensive skills working with the most comprehensive technologies of any level of complexity. We successfully completed projects spanning industries from financial sector, SaaS up to media, blockchains, e-commerce and others.
Full understanding of business goals
We select a stack of technologies that best suits the business needs of our clients. We also provide staff training to help your team adapt to a new technology or an approach quicker.
Inner quality control
Any task completed by our DevOps engineer will pass internal quality control before delivery. That's the rule we never waive!
Simple pricing model
Our rates are based on the project complexity, size and number of engineers involved. No hidden fees and upfront payments.
Regular updates and professional approach to project management
Our managers work according to the principles of individual approach to every client, allowing us to solve the challenges of any level.
Project and Post-Project Support
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night. Because we are time zone and culturally aligned. Besides, when a project is completed, we offer a post-project support and guarantees.
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