Managed Kubernetes as a service

Alpacked's certified specialists provide you Kubernetes deployment, management and consulting services for containerized workloads.
From experience, we discovered that businesses with solid IT background utilize containerized environments to improve development productivity, make migration to the cloud smooth and speed up the releases. But as a result, they don't utilize Kubernetes advantages at its full capacity and miss opportunities to work at scale and cost-efficiently.

That's why we provide Kubernetes managed service to avoid any issues related to k8s clusters to run your operations 24/7 with zero-downtimes!
Alpacked's certified Kubernetes administrators are all set to help you to deploy, maintain, and support infrastructure and containerized workloads.

kubernetes certified administrator
Manage and scale your K8S infrastructure

What's really important about Kubernetes

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a portable and open-source container orchestration tool for managing and deployment of multi-containerized environments and services. With managed K8S you make the things simpler: release faster, scale automatically, pay less.

Why use Kubernetes?

Containers bundle and run your applications in a production environment. The main task of K8S service is to manage the containers and ensure zero-downtime for your prod. Agree, it would be great if a container goes down, another container starts operating instantly and this action was handled automatically, with no manual interference. Here K8S can be a great helper providing you with such services:
Load balancing
In case of an unexpected increase in traffic, K8S balances the load and distributes the network traffic to keep containers stable.
Storage orchestration
You can easily create any storage system, such as local storages, public cloud providers, etc.
Auto-rollouts and rollbacks
Automated containers deployment and removements.
Automatic resource management
Specify in advance how much CPU and RAM each container needs. K8S will make better decision to manage the predefined resources for containers.
Kubernetes restarts failed containers or replaces them with new ones.
Secret and configuration management
K8S lets you store and manage sensitive information, such as passwords, OAuth tokens, and ssh keys

Why choose Alpacked

Three main benefits distinguishing us among others
Certified Kubernetes administrators
Proven expertise with an official certificate and dozens of successfully completed projects.
Quality control

Any task passes the inner quality control to ensure you top-notch performance within the deadline.
Great rates

We have good prices for our loyal clients and special rates for startups.

Services with Kubernetes

Scale and manage your k8s infrastructure. Seamlessly. Cost-efficiently.
Performance optimization
K8S management to optimize the use of k8s environments.
24/7 support and operations services
Monitoring and alerting services to maintain high availability.
Ensuring always-up availability and high speed of changes in code and update releases.
Kubernetes architecture design
Adopt the best cloud and k8s technologies to ensure a stable environment for your workload
Kubernetes consulting
Professional advisory services
  • AWS Kubernetes
  • Google Cloud Kubernetes
Break/fix support services
Swift remediation of any fail and downtime
Want to learn more about our Kubernetes services and expertise in your field? Let's have a call.

Managed Kubernetes

Alpacked provides K8S management services for any business - from startup to enterprise. Our team includes certified Kubernetes administrators with strong skills in spanning cloud platforms such as GCP, AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean.
Our Kubernetes cluster management service is focused on speed and high availability operations 24/7 with deployments, scaling. We work with workloads both on-premise or in the cloud.

Kubernetes consulting

Meet our cloud experts, discuss with us your request and problems to be solved, learn more about our expertise in your field.


What is the advantage of Kubernetes?
From our previous experience with k8s container management tool, we distinguish the following reasons to use Kubernetes:
  • mature and reliable underlying architecture
  • great industry support and ongoing development by contributors
  • wide range of feature sets and application support
  • supports many types of workloads, programming languages and frameworks
  • workload scalability
  • high availability
  • declarative configuration
  • immutability
  • self-healing system
  • reducing resource and maintenance costs
  • automation of almost all manual processes
  • storage orchestration

How is Kubernetes different from Docker?
Docker and Kubernetes can sometimes appear to be almost the same technologies. Yes, they both were developed to run applications within Linux containers. BUT these technologies operate in different layers / stages of the stack and even used together.
Docker helps you create and deploy software and applications within the containers.
Thus, it is the initial step towards containerization - just create and orchestrate containers.
Another deal if you need to manage containers - here comes Kubernetes to help you.
So the containers created in Docker are managed with Kubernetes. Docker has its own native container management tool called Docker Swarm.

Is Kubernetes free?
Yes. Kubernetes is free and can be downloaded from its repository on GitHub.

Which is best Docker or Kubernetes?
As we described above, Docker and Kubernetes are not the same technologies and cannot be compared.
If you mean Docker Swarm as the native container orchestration tool, we recommend using Kubernetes despite the fact that it can be a sometimes challenging task to implement k8s to the existing infrastructure.

Why do I need Kubernetes?
It is really hard to imagine a modern and cloud-native infrastructure without containers. Even if you have a kind of simple app (with no highloads and many dependencies) you will need to have the applications and services containerized to operate smoothly and seamlessly in any cloud.
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