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Amazon Web Services (AWS)
AWS is a secure cloud platform, offering computing resources, database storage, networking, development tools. Moreover, nearly 100 Amazon Web Services use pay-as-you-go pricing model, which helps businesses grow and scale the results.

AWS cloud consulting service brings you the best DevOps practices and make the development, deployment, and migration smooth and painless. Thus,
companies involve AWS cloud consulting providers like Alpacked with their own professional teams to build secure and robust environment and then maintain and continuously optimize it.

How AWS cloud professional services help you unleash the potential

Key benefits of Amazon cloud services
Lower overall cost
Flexible capacity
Go global - just a few clicks!
Speed and agility
No upfront payments

We are a certified partner

alpacked devops
ALPACKED is a certified AWS cloud consultant. All our team members have Amazon certifications confirming the professionalism and expertise in DevOps & Cloud practices powered by Amazon Web Services.

AWS consulting services and cloud solutions provider

We are more than just cloud consultants - we follow through!
Cloud consulting
Cloud services
Managed services
  • AWS consulting
  • Migration to AWS cloud
  • Architecture design on AWS
  • Cost optimization and AWS managed services
AWS related services

How can your business benefit from AWS cloud consulting?

With our team of AWS cloud architects you get:
• Reduced cost of your IT and business operations in the cloud.
We've learned all ins and outs of AWS to provide you with the enterprise quality while maintaining the cost of a startup

• Improved apps performance
By moving your business operations to the AWS cloud, you benefit from its elastic and flexible scaling. Scale it up or down, in or out as your requirements change.

• Secure, reliable and stable environment
You will definitely love top-level security, with custom configs, security groups, SSL connections, DB snapshots, backups, and RD functionality.

Let's discuss your project
Meet our cloud architect & AWS consultants, learn more about our expertise in your field, discuss with us your request and problems to be solved.
Why choose us?
Official AWS partner
All members of our cloud team has confirmed expertise in Amazon Web Services.
Quality control
Any task passes inner quality control to ensure you top-notch performance within deadline.
We have special prices for our clients and loyal rates for startups.

AWS cloud consulting FAQ

Do you provide services besides consulting?
YES! We have a team of professional cloud architects who work on the outsourced base. AWS cloud consultation is the first step towards big changes.
What will I get on the consultation?
  1. A detailed and personalized information on AWS best practices for your project.
  2. A professional advise on stack of technologies and services you would like to use.
  3. Cost of the Amazon cloud maintance for your infrastructure.
  4. Recommendations on optimization for your current infrastructure.
  5. Audit of your current AWS infrastructure.
You can ask any questions during the consultation or after it.
What's your expertise in AWS?
We are a certified consulting partner with professional experience of 8 years. All our cloud engineers have official certificates confirming top-notch expertise in the solutions powered by AWS.

More about our AWS expertise

Our dedicated team of cloud experts has 8-years expertise in using Amazon web services. Alpacked company is a certified cloud consulting partner that means all our cloud architects and engineers are highly experienced in AWS solutions and they provide effective cloud solutions for the projects of any difficulty.

Alpacked provides advanced consulting services and AWS management services - i.e. we are both consultants and outsourced team for your project. So we can keep up with any task on any stage of your business - no matter if you are just getting started or you are already on a roll.

Our unique feature distinguishing us among others is inner quality control which helps us maintain high standards. Any task completed by our architect will pass this QA control and be delivered on time without delays. That's the principle we follow through years.

How can AWS cloud consulting and DevOps service providers help your business?

Cloud consulting and service provider companies like Alpacked provide professional cloud engineers team on the outsource base to help to build, migrate and / or manage the workloads and applications. There are just some areas of our expertise:

  1. AWS architecture design and redesign
  2. AWS migration (incl. multicloud and hybrid solutions)
  3. AWS build
  4. AWS managed service

So if you decided to move towards Amazon Web Services or optimize your existing AWS infrastructure, feel free to request a free call with our team lead and AWS consultants. We will discuss optimization ways, recommendations, best practices for your business.
Let's discuss your project.
Fill the form and we will contact you to arrange a free AWS consultation with us.
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