Serverless architecture design

Build scalable and reliable architecture with serverless technologies and focus on your application, not maintenance.
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Benefits of serverless architecture

In each individual case, business distinguishes
No infrastructure management
There is no need in constant infrastructure administration because cloud provider takes over the responsibility for this full process.
No-Ops autoscaling
Cloud provider automatically scale up and scale down the resources when needed. So the traffic spikes are not the constraint anymore.
Backend as a Service
Serverless backends allows easy integration of all required services (e.g. data storage, authentication, notification) and options that are already provisioned by the cloud provider and setting up its execution.
Many vendors like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform use a very flexible pricing model where you pay only for the duration of code execution or the resources used.
100% availability
Serverless architecture enables default automation of the availability and fault tolerance. Moreover, in case of downtime, the problem is handled automatically within a few seconds.
Decreased TCO
Leveraging a cloud-native approach, we can focus on improving performances, high availability and reliability to decrease the cloud spends.

Our serverless expertise

We provide end-to-end solutions of any complexity
Serverless architecture design
• Application architecture
• Network design
• Initial system sizing and storage design
• Security design
• Scaling
• Monitoring and alerting
• Cloud architecture consulting
Design of cloud-native applications
• Cloud readiness assessment
• Cloud migration strategy
• Build & deploy
• Support
Microservices implementation
• Cloud support 24/7/365
• Disaster recovery as a service
Serverless consulting
• Cloud consulting services
• AWS Consulting
• GCP consulting
• Azure consulting
DevOps services
Serverless solutions
We provide advanced serverless services involving the following FaaS providers
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Our cloud architects have a solid experience of designing and maintaining a serverless architectures for various businesses from media and e-commerce up to financial sector.
Proven expertise in serverless technology

TOP reasons to choose ALPACKED as your serverless service provider

We support our clients 24/7/365. It means that we keep our clients updated all the time, and, in case of a system failure, we immediately recover it - whether it's a late night or a weekend.
Support 24/7
ALPACKED - DevOps company that has more than 10 years of IT experience and high satisfaction rate among clients. Just check what our clients say about us!
We have special prices for our loyal customers and startups.

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About our serverless services

Alpacked provides comprehensive DevOps services and cloud solutions for organization of any size. Being a professional managed cloud service provider, we focus on maintenance of the cloud infrastructure and its ongoing optimization. A client can decide at which level he or she wants to outsourced cloud management:

  • at the infrastructural level
  • at the applicational level
  • at the tooling level
  • all levels above (all-level managed cloud services)

For example, managed cloud provider performs such kind of services:
  1. Architecture design consulting & professional guidance
  2. Outsourcing of system operations
  3. Implementation of log management, monitoring, alerting, and notification tools
  4. Security hardening
  5. Disaster recovery as a service
  6. Cloud performance optimization
  7. Cloud-native applications design
  8. Serverless implementation
  9. Microservices architecture design
There are million of examples - in a few words, managed cloud service includes any work involving cloud computing.
Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.

Serverless architecture design FAQ

How Alpacked can help me with serverless?
Alpacked's team build reliablie and cost-effective applications both in the cloud and on-premise. We take care of the entire process from the migration of the existing applications to the cloud to its further optimization.
What's your expertise on AWS Lambda?
We have experience working with Lambda functions not only on scripting level ( as it usually the case for DevOps tasks ) but on much deeper level, we built serverless infrastructures enterily on our own , in addition to Lambda functions we have expereince with other services that tightly coupled with AWS Lambda, such as:AWS Fargate
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • API Gateway
  • RDS aurora serverless
  • AWS Kinesis
Is my application ready to go serverless ?
1. You need to understand what problem you want to solve by going serverless. Is it to lower the costs or to replace your legacy code with some parts of new managed service , maybe it's something else?

2. Know your budget - you need to understand how much money you spend on your infrastructure AND your developers right now. And plan how much you can spend on the serverless infrastructure. When planning the last one - keep in mind that you can replace parts of your system that you maintained before - by AWS or any other cloud managed services, so time and money you were spending on maintaining your current system - can be focused on just usinig managed service that will do all the work for you.

3. Change your team mentality - when going into serverless world developers still have tendency to try applying old observability and troubleshooting methods on new system which will lead to disappointment and confusiion, while it should be shift in your team thinking. Ask your developers to spend some time on learning more about serverless, create internal discussions for your team, find some consultant with good experience - so you don't need to go through the full process on your own.
Can I go serverless if I have a complex application, demanding more time to process data?
YES! If you have a complex application, demanding more time to process data (or a streaming platform, for example), you can use serverless on the partly basis. Contact us to learn more ways how to optimize your infrastructure!

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