Serverless architecture design

Build scalable and reliable architecture with serverless technologies and focus on your application, not maintenance.
years of experience in IT
DevOps projects successfully completed
shorter time-to-market delivery

Benefits of serverless architecture

How serverless can help you drive your business
No infrastructure management
no need in constant infrastructure administration, thus, you benefit from reduced operational costs.
100% availability, scaling and elasticity
serverless architecture enables default automation of the availability and fault tolerance. Besides this, you can automatically scale up and scale down the resources when needed.
many vendors like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform use a very flexible pricing model, where you pay only for the duration of code execution or the resources used.
Decreased TCO
leveraging a cloud-native approach, we can focus on improving performances, high availability and reliability to get the most of cloud spends.

Our Services

We provide companies and startups with the following services
Serverless architecture design and re-design
Build of cloud-native applications
Our expertise
azure functions
aws lambda
google cloud functions
AWS Lamba
GCP Functions
Azure Functions

Let's discuss your project

Meet our DevOps engineer, learn more about our expertise in your field, discuss with us your request and problems to be solved.

Why choose Alpacked

Three main benefits distinguishing us among others
Proven expertise
Proven expertise and dozens of successfully completed projects on implementing serverless architecture.
Quality control
Any task passes automated inner quality control to ensure you top-notch performance within a deadline.
Great rates
We have good prices for our loyal clients and special rates for startups.

Serverless FAQs

How Alpacked can help me with serverless?
Alpacked's team build reliablie and cost-effective applications both ib the cloud and on-premise. We take care of the entire process from the migration of the existing applications to the cloud to its further optimization.
What's your expertise on AWS Lambda?
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Fargate
  • AWS DynamoDB
  • API Gateway
  • Orchestration
What's your expertise on GCP Functions?
  • Cloud Functions
  • App Engine
  • Cloud Run
Can I go serverless if I have a complex application, demanding more time to process data?
YES! If you have a complex application, demanding more time to process data (or a streaming platform, for example), you can use serverless on the partly basis. Contact us to learn more ways how to optimize your infrastructure!
Let's discuss Serverless development with us
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