Infrastructure as code

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About IaC thinking
IT systems become not just a part of business, they are the business. Companies tired of "it works on my machine", "oops I did it again" and 3-zero bills for server provisioning are adopting IaC. It can help them to solve these problems easily

Why companies adopt infrastructure as code?

IaC adoption is certainly a great benefit for business workflow. Learn why
Faster changes and modernization delivery
The IT infrastructure is no more the constraints in your development processes.
Measurable enhancement
You can calculate the income and measure the results after having IaC adopted.
Efficient time management for IT staff
Users are able to define and manage the resources they need, without needing IT staff to do it for them. Meanwhile, IT staff spends their time on valuable things.
All-applicable solution

Infrastructure as code can be applied to infrastructure whether it runs on cloud, virtualized systems, or even directly on physical hardware.
Areas of our practices
We provide companies and startups with the following services
IaC implementation from scratch
IaC support and enhancement
And select among others the best solution to meet your business goals
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Steps of Infrastrcture-as-Code adoption

Despite every business case is unique, we follow 4 key stages of IaC adoptopn. Here is a short synopsis:
Discover current infrastructure, all ins and outs, documentation and processes
Take the results of the discovery and "translate" them into the language of IaC. Change processes if needed to align with IaC standards and best practices
Change the workflow of the Ops team to reflect the changes. Implement Code reviews, CI/CD and proper management
Once translation is done and the new workflow has been adopted by the team, release IaC and start getting benefits of the new approach
Where Infrastructure-as-code best fits?
Infrastructure as code has come into its own with cloud, because it's difficult to manage servers in the cloud well without it. But the principles and practices of infrastructure as code can be applied to infrastructure whether it runs on cloud, virtualized systems, or even directly on physical hardware.
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