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What is DevOps as a Service (DaaS)?
DevOps-as-a-Service (DaaS) lets you take advantage of delegating all related tasks, management and system maintenance to the professional DevOps services company and its engineers, thus, opening the opportunity for developers to focus on the product improvements and delivering new features.

DaaS covers a wide range of the best DevOps practices applied right to your project: starting from DevOps assessment and tooling up to full automation and streamlined delivery and deployment.

Alpacked provides end-to-end DevOps solutions to take care of your digital transformation and efficient delivery. Outsource your DevOps today!
DevOps benefits
Why successful companies adopt DevOps? The answer is obvious.
Increased business agility
After having the DevOps culture adopted, companies notice more active interaction process among all departments.
Faster innovation adoption
Innovations are associated with benefits, not with fear and need. Cutting-edge technologies are now business itself.
Faster deployment cycle
Managers also admit reduced deployment cycles by up to 70%!
Reduced downtime and failures
Zero-downtime deployments and incidents management are the key principles of DevOps philosophy
Increase in product quality
Continuous testing and CI/CD pipelines eliminate the probability of critical bugs emerging in production.
DevOps practices guarantee a painless process of continuous security updates, logging and infrastructure changes monitoring via IaC approach.
Swift bug fix
thanks to optimized communication between the teams and professionally set up alerting and monitoring, you can make things up faster.
Stable environment
Stability is an essential part of your business process. DevOps as a service ensures stable and always-available application.

Our expertise

With Alpacked DevOps as a Service offering you get swift one-click delivery, improved product quality, and reduced maintenance cost.
DevOps assessment & audit
DevOps consulting services
DevOps implementation from scratch - roadmapping and strategy design
Managed DevOps services
Microservices and container orchestration
CI/CD implementation, pipelines automation, and optimization
Release management
Infrastructure automation & management
Log management,monitoring, alerting and reporting

Implementing DevOps in the cloud

Beyond that, Alpacked team provides advanced cloud-based DevOps solutions for any environment like public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud, enabling set up seamless and efficient end-to-end delivery pipeline. Within DevOps as a Service, we offer the most comprehensive cloud services:

  • Cloud consulting
  • Cloud architecture design
  • Cloud migration services
  • Managed cloud services
amazon managed services
GCP managed services
digital ocean managed services
azure managed services

Stack of technologies

We recommend to use proven and 100-times tested tools to boost your delivery process. The most widespread tools we use include the following categories:

Let's discuss your project

Meet our cloud architect, learn more about our expertise in your field, discuss with us your request and problems to be solved.

DevOps FAQs

What are the best practices for DevOps implementation inside the company?
Huh, it's a kind of a very abstract question. Each business case is unique and has its own needs / requirements, whatever. There are no well-trodden paths suitable for everyone. Anyway, we have 6 principles we advise our clients and partners to follow:

  1. Think as if you were your customer. Any action taken and decision made should be customer-centric. This would help scale business and add more value.
  2. Each team member is responsible for his / her tasks. End-to-end responsibility allows deliver quality results and perk up a team.
  3. Continuous enhancement and feedback as a background for further improvements. DevOps philosophy believes in CI/CD, which stands for continuous implementation and development, allowing the product / application / software become more user-friendly from all sides - both technical and personal sides.
  4. Automate unautomatable. Automation allows increasing productivity of development and eliminating of the repeatable manual tasks, causing errors and downtimes.
  5. Well-tuned collaboration among ALL teams (yes, it concerns everyone in the organization). Gaps in communication cause further fails in successful operations.
  6. To provide the best quality of a deliverable - test and monitor continuously. Without proper testing and monitoring, even the best engineer in the world won't be able to deliver an absolutely stable operation.

What will I get within DevOps as a service?
Offering DevOps as a service to our clients, we offer the following:

  • Delivering managed services across all directions: DevOps, cloud solutions, serverless architecture, CI/CD, container orchestration, log management & monitoring, infrastructure automation, and others, on-demand.
  • Professional advisory services, if you are just getting started to run your business and want to know all IT pitfalls.
What problems does DevOps solve?
Almost all organizations face these problems:

  • long time-to-market delivery because of poor understanding of what's going on within a team;
  • error-prone infrastructure with millions of manual changes;
  • no time to focus on business.

DevOps solves all these problems, even if it's not implemented on 100% yet.
When can I adopt DevOps?
It's never too late or too early to start. The sooner you start, the quicker you establish proper processes within a team and tune the tools needed for proper functioning.
How does DevOps help an organization?
An organization benefits, first of all, from properly established business processes and smooth workflow, each gear in a team works properly. As a bonus, almost all boring manual tasks are automated. Thus, your dev team is fully focused on improvements and adding new features.
Are there any disadvantages?
There are two sides of the same coin. Sometimes even giant companies experience difficulties during the DevOps implementation. Some teams are not ready for big changes and do really believe in "it's easier to make by hands quickly, rather than automate and handle with a new tool".
Are there any KPIs?
Sure! You have to track dozens of metrics to comply with the best practices, for instance:
  1. Release plan, %;
  2. Planning complete, %;
  3. Development complete, %;
  4. Build success rate, %;
  5. Test success rate, %;
  6. Success rate, %;
  7. Total incidents, total;
  8. Successful builds, total;
  9. Successful deployments, total;
  10. Incidents, total;
  11. Resolved incidents, total;
  12. Time to build, hh:mm:ss;
  13. Time to test, hh:mm:ss;
  14. Average time to deploy, hh:mm:ss;
  15. Average time to resolve incidents, hh:mm:ss;

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Discover our DevOps expertise

DevOps as a Services is all about providing organizations with agile and continuous delivery capability. Benefit from Alpacked's 8-year hands-on experience in DevOps, automation and cloud computing technologies to get faster one-click deployment within minutes, not even hours.

With our help you will be able to organize your workflow and team's resources, boost time-to-market delivery and decrease maintenance costs. Alpacked's DevOps team is always all set whether you need an end-to-end solution from scratch or optimize your current workcycle.


A dedicated team consists of 12 in-house specialists and more than 50 specialists in the USA and around the globe.

Based on your business needs and goals, Alpacked engineers leverage the latest and the trendiest practices in DevOps, including cloud computing technologies (aws, gcp, azure), containerization (Docker, Kubernetes), CI/CD (Jenkins, Circle CI, Travis CI etc) pipeline deployment, infrastructure automation (Terraform, Ansible), Logging and monitoring and other practices, on demand.


We have successfully completed over 50+ projects within DevOps as a service in absolutely different industries beginning with e-commerce and mobile apps up to complex applications and software in financial sector, SaaS / PaaS, blockchains and others.

Rich experience spanning different spheres allows "borrowing" of the best practices and implementing them where applicable.

Our main goals

Providing DevOps as a service, we established 6 main objectives:

  • Decrease the error ratio and downtimes
  • Establish and manage communication among all departments
  • Increase productivity
  • Combine business and customer requirements
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