Container Orchestration

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About container orchestration

Last several years we have been watching software world significantly changing. Docker containers took over local development and de facto became a standard. Kubernetes and Docker Swarm are taking over cloud production environments now

Why containers became so popular?

Descent software and application delivery cannot exist efficiently without containers because of:
Your applications and resources are isolated and segregated. No more garbage collection after app removal
Cost efficiency
No more idle environments. Docker container orchestration tools fully utilize each free RAM and CPU unit. You only play for what you use
CI/CD process with Docker containers enables environment versioning. It has never been easier to rollback to the previous version of DB or webserver
Single-process-per-container strategy.
Self-descriptive environment. Docker is IaC by default
Environmental Independence
Docker produces the same outcome regardless of the environment - Windows, Linux, Cloud, On-Prem, FPGA - it doesn't matter anymore. No more "It works on my machine"
Namespace and Network segregation. Processes running inside of containers are completely isolated
Areas of our practices
We provide companies and startups with the following services
Container Orchestration in the Cloud
Audit, Consulting and Optimization
Container Orchestration On-Prem
Containerization & Migration
And select among others the best solution to meet your business goals
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More about the container orchestration

Despite every business case is unique, we provide 5 basic services to make your container adoption and further functioning easier and more comfortable.
Container Orchestration in the Cloud. We will guide you through the evaluation of the current cloud solutions and help you find the one that fits you best. Whether you need a simple design and a quick launch or a long-term and high-load project that requires all the best Kubernetes features - we will make your business benefit from containerization

Container Orchestration on Prem. In some cases like Healthcare or Government it might be required to host application on-premises instead of using cloud. Even though it limits Kubernetes or Docker Swarm capabilities, our specialists will do their best to ensure your infrastructure is robust and reliable and you meet security standards.

Security is one of the most important features Containerization provides. We help you to adopt principles of processes and responsibility isolation, continuous security updates and RBAC configuration for your Container Orchestration tool.

Audit, Consulting and Optimization. Do you use docker but still experience downtimes, long deployments or your images are measured in Gigabytes? You are close to the and we will help you to do the last step towards the full Containerization adoption

Containerization & Migration. Containerization is the first step towards the migration into the Container-Orchestrated environment and alike a house foundation it is extremely important to do it well from the very beginning. Alpacked has mastered a containerization process over the years and is willing to help you get started in a way that won't require redoing after all.
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