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About CI/CD thinking
CI/CD is a key concept of DevOps methodology. Companies that use agile approach benefit from breaking the silos between management, dev, ops and qa departments. CI/CD transforms the collective effort into the automated process of an application build, full test coverage and quick zero-downtime deployment.

Why companies choose CI/CD?

Business needs dictate companies the way they rule their business. CI/CD helps with its benefits:
Time saving & Reliability
Once being configured, CI guarantees certain quality of your application requiring no more efforts rather than adding new features.
Enhanced delivery
CD guarantees that delivery process is automated, staging environments match production, and there's always an option to rollback not just to the previous state but to the any state that has ever existed!
Closer team communication
CI/CD requires development, operational, management and QA teams to collaborate on technologies, practices, and priorities. No more finger-pointing
Speed & Productivity
With continuous deployment, customers get faster access to new features and bug fixes, and developers get more immediate feedback about the changes they have made.
Areas of our practices
We provide companies and startups with the following services
CI/CD implementation from scratch
CI/CD audit
CI/CD enhancement
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Our CI/CD services

The reputation losses and manual QA eventually cost more than the automated tests and CI pipelines
CI/CD implementation from scratch
We believe that CI/CD isn't about a number of tests and deployments being run automatically, even though this is what it is technically. Instead, during its implementation from scratch, we get all the teams together and make them define a workflow, critical path scenarios and deployment strategies that both meet business requirements and team expectations. This is the most important part of the CI/CD implementation. Once it is done, it's possible to have that written down in a technical way - get tests automated, design rollouts and rollbacks, scaling and monitoring.

Even though CI/CD is a fully automated process, it needs to be updated to cover new features of the application or changes of the business logic. It is also a pretty common case to have new features released by the Cloud or CI/CD providers that might have a significant impact on someones pipelines, workflows or even budgets. All these cases require some CI/CD enhancement that Alpacked would be proud to provide.
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