Alpacked Is One of The Most Reviewed IT Service Providers in Kyiv According to The Manifest

Discover why Alpacked stands out as one of Kyiv's top-rated IT service providers! Explore the wealth of positive reviews and insights on The Manifest, showcasing our commitment to excellence in IT services.

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IT services serve as the backbone of many of the processes that enable companies to go about their business. Ensuring these processes run smoothly is no small feat and requires expertise from talented teams resulting in a highly competitive industry.

This is why we’re incredibly proud to share the news that we’ve been awarded as one of the most reviewed IT service providers by The Manifest.

The Manifest is a business blog and reviews website that helps companies find their ideal project partners to get their programs or products off the ground. They do this with a combination of review rankings and awards.

This system allows customers and partners to make their voices heard and highlight companies that focus on customer satisfaction. It’s a criterion that favors mid-level teams like ours as we don’t have to rely on large marketing budgets to get the attention of our prospective clients.

But none of this would be possible if our clients never bothered to talk about us in the first place. This is why we want to thank all our past and present partners for their initiative. These simple gestures have a world of difference in our growth, which we will always appreciate.


Alpacked is a DevOps company providing a wide range of end-to-end services - from consulting to managed services. We established a team of top-notch DevOps experts with solid experience not only in cutting edge technologies but in building teams and implementing DevOps practices from scratch.

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