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About cloud technology consulting

Many companies prefer to migrate their services and apps to cloud today. Despite the fact it can be sometimes challenging and requires great changes within already established environment, they understand the profit they make afterwards.
ALPACKED team is here to navigate you through this cloud journey and support your business on any stage of cloud adoption.

Why companies need cloud consultants?

Certified cloud solutions architect will help you meet your main business needs, among which are:
Lower cost
Cloud technology leads to the further cost avoidance. Companies save thousands of dollars after refuse of the physical servers.
Flexibility and scalbility
Cloud allows you to adopt to the changes in demand within a few minutes. Add more servers when demand goes up and terminate them when it goes down. No need to purchase servers beforehand and pay for it!
Innovative approach to business
Companies want to keep pace with the global digital transformation and modernize the production process.
Workforce productivity
Opportunity to optimize production yield at lower cost sounds so tempting for companies. Cloud adoption allows to offload teams from operational burden and focus on delivering features to the products.

Areas of our practices

Our cloud consultants provide companies and startups with the following services
Discovery - current infrastructure assessment & cloud readiness evaluation
Cloud support services
Cloud architecture from scratch
Managed cloud
Cloud migration
Cloud consulting
And select among others the best solution to meet your business goals
amazon web services
google cloud platform
digital ocean
microsoft azure
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More about cloud services

We provide 5 basic services and cloud technologies consulting to make your cloud adoption and further functioning easier and more comfortable.

Discovery - cloud readiness evaluation

We check if you really need to go to the cloud, you understand all benefits and constraints cloud may cause and that your application is able to fully utilize cloud services instead of treating them as the classical services that are hosted in the cloud.
Thanks to this stage, you get a clear understanding of the given technology and its benefits and nuances.
Stop using cloud. Start being native to the cloud

Cloud architecting from scratch

We build and plan the right architecture from the very beginning for you, that can help your business benefit from cloud adoption right away and prevent further infinite redoings.

Cloud migration

We help you with the migration to the cloud of an existing application and data and thus help your business to offload your operations to the cloud technologies and start focusing on business needs instead. Our cloud migration solutions are always tailor-made for each client!

Continuous cloud support

Cloud providers continuously release new features and services that may increase your efficiency. You need to keep up with the digital changes and implement novelties which can help get the most out of your cloud setup.

Managed Cloud

Sometimes it might be a good idea to delegate your operations to the dedicated team of the professionals and focus on your business development. Managed cloud with Alpacked includes a great diversity of services beginning with guidance and help with architecture improvements up to developer support and performance testing.
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