Cloud migration services

From cloud readiness assessment to cost optimization
years of experience in IT
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shorter time-to-market delivery
Road to cloud migration
Assess cloud readiness and analyze current infrastructure health. Eliminate all bottlenecks. Find out which cloud solution fits best.
Design a tailor-made cloud migration strategy
Migrate your data and apps to the cloud
Analyze & optimize

Business benefits of cloud migration

Considering public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, companies usually aim to get the most:
Increase and decrease your IT resources on a mouse-click, as needed. Don't waste money on maintaining not fully used provisioning.
Update automation
Cloud Adoption leads to a single source of truth for environment automation instead of a zoo of scripts and languages
Cost avoidance
Avoid upfront costs and pay only for the resources you really use. Ongoing maintenance and support costs are much lower.
Risk management
Improve risks analysis and forecast by utilizing AI&ML driven cloud native tools

Modern IT delivery
Companies want to keep pace with the global digital transformation and modernize the production process.
Workforce productivity
Cloud adoption allows to offload teams from the operational burden and focus on delivering features to the products.

Cloud migration sprint

Cloud readiness assessment
Our cloud architects check whether you are ready and really need to go to the cloud, you understand all benefits and constraints. Cloud readiness assessment report contains detailed information on your IT infrastructure health, gap-analysis, and recommendations for further improvements. Besides, our cloud architects evaluate your process and people opportunities.
Design of a tailor-made cloud migration strategy and tactics plan
Alpacked's cloud architects work through all possible design considerations best suited for your IT infrastructure and we both decide which one will satisfy all business reuiqrements. During this stage, we already can provide total cost estimation so that you could compare different solutions.
We build and set up a reliable foundational infrastructure in the chosen cloud (AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, Azure) or adopt multicloud / hybrid solutions.
We migrate a target application or data center to the chosen cloud.
Once the migration to the cloud is successfully implemented, we help you with maintance and management. Here we also provide constant optimizations to reduce monthly cost and improve the effectiveness of the cloud utilization.
Cloud providers we migrate to:
amazon web services
google cloud platform
digital ocean
microsoft azure
Our cloud architects are 1-st class professionals:
amazon web services
google cloud platform
microsoft azure
Let's discuss your project
Meet our cloud architect, learn more about our expertise in your field, discuss with us your request and problems to be solved.

Three good reasons to choose ALPACKED

Three main benefits distinguishing us among others
Proven expertise
Proven expertise and dozens of successfully completed projects.
Quality control
Any task passes automated inner quality control to ensure you top-notch performance within a deadline.
Great rates
We have good prices for our loyal clients and special rates for startups.

Our cloud migration expertise

We seamlessly and promptly migrate systems of any scale to the cloud so your business could make a difference
Readiness Assessment
  • Discovery
  • Budget
  • Application
  • Infrastructure and environment
  • Business processes
Cloud migration planning
  • Time and cost estimation
  • KPI definition
  • Prioritization
  • Go-live planning
Post-migration support
  • Cost tracking & optimization
  • Analytics
  • Maintenance & support
Plans for cloud migration services
Use the resources wisely. We offer 3 basic plans with the resources you need to perform a smooth and seamless transition:

Good choice, if your planned spends on infrastructure maintenance are < $5000 per month
  • Cloud readiness report
  • Tailor-made migration strategy
  • Cloud migration services
  • 1 cloud architect involved
  • 1 personal manager
  • 10% discount on managed cloud services

Great, if your planned spends on infrastructure maintenance are > $5000
  • Cloud readiness report
  • Tailor-made migration strategy
  • Cloud migration services
  • 2-3 cloud architects involved
  • 1 personal manager
  • 1 free cloud consultation with senior cloud architect
  • 15% discount on managed cloud services
Brilliant match, if you have highloads and complex IT infrastructure. Your planned spends on infrastructure maintenance > $10000
  • Cloud readiness report
  • Tailor-made migration strategy
  • Cloud migration services
  • Security check
  • 5+ cloud architects involved
  • 2 personal managers
    • 5 free cloud consultations with senior cloud architect
    • 20% discount on managed cloud service

Not sure which plan best suits you?

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Cloud migration FAQ

Should i move to cloud?
This is the first and the most important question one should ask himself before moving forward with the cloud migration.
  • Will business benefit from cloud migration?
  • Can current business situation afford cloud migration?
  • Is there enough expertise in a team or is it possible to hire a team of specialists to maintain cloud environment after the migration?
These and many more other questions need to be answered before walking down the road of cloud adoption and migration
How should I prepare to the cloud migration?
Complete cloud readiness assessment in order to properly estimate the status of the system and efforts needed to convert the application, infrastructure and business logic into the ones with full cloud adoption.
Perform thorough planning and define budget, deadlines and KPIs. Prioritize tasks and break down the go-live process to the smallest details
How long does cloud migration take?
The timeline can be defined after complete cloud readiness and inventory assessment. If the applications and services don't need global changes and they are cloud-ready, the transition can range from as little as 14 days to over 6 months.
How much does it cost?
Cloud migration cost can be categorized based on three groups: Direct (TCO) cost, Indirect cost and Migration cost itself.
Direct cost can be calculated relatively accurately with various Cloud calculators (e.g. AWS, Google )
An example of the indirect cost might be the case when business lead puts a lot of efforts towards the migration and doesn't pay enough attention to the marketing which impacts the revenue
Cost of the migration includes, but is not limited to, data transfer from on-premises and to the cloud and the cost of expertise required to perform the migration.
How do we select a proper migration strategy?
There are 6 common strategies of cloud migration:

  1. lift-and-shift is otherwise known as "rehosting" - literally the application is lifted out of its environment and shifted to the cloud or another environment. This method is the most primitive and fast but quite error-prone.
  2. Re-platforming - the process of transition from one platform to another one. Replatforming may occur efficiently if you have legacy workloads and want to move towards cloud computing technologies. Another good reason is new benefits of another platform which would help to grow business.
  3. Re-purchasing - shift to another product (usually SaaS).
  4. Re-architecting - a new concept of application architecture and its development. Usually, this method is the most efficient since your service becomes more modern and cloud-native.
  5. Retire - simply refuse from unnecessary services. Sometimes some services are just not needed and become a burden in your infrastructure. Save up to 20% by turning off useless services.
  6. Retain - just do nothing. If the application is not ready for migration or there are no benefits and advantages for a business, you may better retain and delay the transition.
The migration strategy is chosen according to the state of your infrastructure and business needs and goals.
    Which technologies would you recommend to be more cloud native?
    CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery) and IaC (infrastructure-as-code) allow to provide the full automation of infrastructure, involve the best DevOps practices and implement release management.

    Basically, out of our experience, we recommend the following:
    • IaC: Serverless Framework, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation
    • CI/CD: AWS CodeBuild/CodeDeploy, Azure Pipelines, Google CloudBuild
    • Container orchestration: Kubernetes, Docker
    How to measure the final results? Are there any KPIs?
    Sure! KPIs allow to make the final results tangible and measurable. Efficiency metrics must be calculated and determined before migration and tracked on the regular basis. That's why we determine 2 types of KPIs: migration KPIs and post migration KPIs.

    Here are some basic efficiency metrics of cloud migration:

    • Duration - how long does each phase of migration take?
    • Cost - what is the final price of cloud migration (including direct and indirect costs)

    Post-migration KPIs:
    • Availability - complex parameter that represents the overall system availability (e.g. 99.999 %)
    • Reliability - system ability to perform at a certain level (e.g. website response < 4 sec) under the load
    • Scalability - system ability to efficiently scale up&down and out&in
    • Cost - Infrastructure cost and trends. Average cost per customer
    • Security - Number of vulnerabilities found, attacks mitigate

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